About Us

Centennial SignIn September of 2015, Lincolnton United Methodist Church celebrated 100 years in the ministry.  God has greatly blessed the work of the church in our community.  In 1915, the first building that housed  Lincolnton United Methodist Church was completed.  The church has been in continuous ministry since.

We take seriously God’s command to be His heart, His hands, and His feet to a broken world.  Through the passion of our members to be in service on behalf of the Kingdom, much continues to be done to minister to our community.  Through our Master’s Closet Clothing Store, the Jail Ministry and River of Life, the church strives to fulfill the admonition of Christ to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and visit those in prison.  Each year a mission team travels overseas to relieve suffering and help people beyond our shores who are in need.

Vital worship takes place each Sunday during two worship services.  Bible studies, both on Sunday and during the week impart truth and wisdom to those who are seeking for their lives.  This year, for the first time in our history, we hired a full-time youth minister.  We are excited about the expansion of our youth program to serve the needs of teens in our community.

For one hundred years, Lincolnton United Methodist Church has been faithful to the gospel.  We look forward with joy and excitement to the next one hundred years of ministry in the name of Christ!